Build Your Own Backup System Or Camping Power Kit.

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Build Your Own Backup System Or Camping Power Kit.

Building your own backup system or Camping Power Kit is actually quite simple. You don’t need  much expertise when you build a small backup system. Lets assume that you would like to keep a bedside light or 2 on during a power outage or charge your phone/tablet or laptop when camping. How would you go about it? And what would you need?

Well the basic stuff you need for a backup system is a:

  • 12v Battery. (Take the one from your car in an emergency. Its not ideal but it will help )
  • Something to Charge the battery when its empty. (Generator / Battery Charger / Charge controller)
  • 12v Inverter like the one in our shop.

In the Inverter pack you will find the following:

  • 1x Power inverter
  • 1x Battery cable set
  • 1x Remote on/off switch with cable
  • 1x Instruction manual

You connect the red cable to the ( + ) of your battery and the black cable to the ( – ) negative of the battery. Now you are set to go. You plug your light/s or extension cord into the inverter and switch it on. And you have power. Your first backup system. ITS REALLY THAT SIMPLE.

That should help you for a few hours depending on the size of your battery. Once the power is back on you disconnect the inverter and put your battery on charge to reload it.


If you have power outages often or like to go camping then you can buy a small solar panel and connect that to a small Charge Controller  ,(one of the benefits of this controller is that you can charge your phone/tablets straight from it using the USB Port)and the solar panel will charge your backup system battery when the sun shines. How to connect the solar panel and charge controller is simple and you can read my article on “Wiring Solar Panels to Batteries the right way.

Bye for now.


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