1KW Pure Sine Wave Inverter / UPS + Charger + Automatic Transfer Switch

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1KW Pure Sine Wave Inverter / UPS + Charger + Automatic Transfer Switch


This 1kW pure sine wave inverter converts DC power from a battery into 230 Volt AC “pure sine wave” power which is identical to utility power which runs pumps, fans and motors quieter and cooler and more efficiently. Continuous output power and a compact design, makes this unit ideal for powering Fridges, TV’s, stereo’s, laptop’s, PC’s, chargers and many other home appliances as well as sensitive electronics or appliances with motors in them.

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  • The FBI1000MP inverter is ideal for backup systems – especially for load shedding and power outages
  • Handles loads that require high start-up power – such as pumps, motors and fridges
  • Power factor – 1
  • Continuous power – 1 kVA/1 kW
  • Start-up power – 3 kVA/3 kW
  • DC – 24V
  • Battery charger – 20A
  • Battery charger adjustable for battery bank size and type
  • Battery charger has de-sulphating setting to recover batteries that were discharged too deeply
  • Has a relay that can be used to start a generator
  • Utility and Battery Priority setting
  • Battery LVD can be pre-set on 2 different settings to protect the batteries from deep discharge
  • AC input range can be set for a narrow range 185-272 VAC when required for sensitive loads

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Weight 21.8 kg
Dimensions 570 × 224 × 180 cm