2000W Backup / UPS System + Automatic Transfer Switch + Charger

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2000W Backup / UPS System + Automatic Transfer Switch + Charger


This Pure Sine Wave Backup / UPS System Has a 4000W Surge power output and a continuous 2000W power output. This System Recharges the battery pack via Eskom (Grid) and as soon as the power fails, it switches over to backup power within 20-30ms. The transfer is so fast that computers and sensitive equipment does not even shut down.

This unit is made up of the following Components:

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2KW Pure Sine Wave Inverter / UPS + Charger + Automatic Transfer Switch

This 2kW pure sine wave inverter converts DC power from a battery into 230 Volt AC “pure sine wave” power which is identical to utility power which runs pumps, fans and motors quieter and cooler and more efficiently. Continuous output power and a compact design, makes this unit ideal for powering Fridges, TV’s, stereo’s, laptop’s, PC’s, chargers and many other home appliances as well as sensitive electronics or appliances with motors in them.

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AGM VRLA Solar Battery 100AH × 2

Black Range : Battery color is Black


1000 cycles at 50% discharge
100Ah capacity at 20 hours discharge
Low internal resistance for high current discharge applications
The AGM technology combined with gel electrolyte for a long shallow cycle life
Free maintenance thanks to regulation valves

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Installation With Components - Backup Systems

Installation is for selected packages only:

Installation includes Wiring, trunking, etc. as specified on pro forma / quotation

Standard R4.20 p/km will be charged for locations further then 100km from head office / reseller / installer

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