5KVA Backup System – 48 Volt

5KVA Backup System – 48 Volt


5kVA Inverter

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AGM VRLA Solar Battery 100AH × 4

Black Range : Battery color is Black


1000 cycles at 50% discharge
100Ah capacity at 20 hours discharge
Low internal resistance for high current discharge applications
The AGM technology combined with gel electrolyte for a long shallow cycle life
Free maintenance thanks to regulation valves

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Installations × 1000 – optional

Installation for PV Systems is charged at R 7.82 p/w unless otherwise stated.

This includes Traveling, trunking, additional parts needed for installations and  delivery,

Installations is worked out by the size of your solar array as the size will determine the size of the other components and labour involved.

A formula to work this out is: Array size in Wh x R7.82.

Example: 4 x 260watt panels = 1040w

1040w x R7.82 = R8132.80

This Calculation is an industry standard formula to work out the labour of a decent solar installation.

Geyser Installations is determined on site and under normal conditions vary between R2500 - R4500



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This 5KVA Backup System is an ideal solution for those that want a backup system for their house. This unit can charge the batteries from Eskom power or Solar panels can be added to charge the batteries. This System is easy to install and the batteries are AGM giving an extreme long life cycle.


• Pure sine wave inverter
• Built-in Solar charge controller
• Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
• Selectable charging current based on applications
Configurable AC / Solar input priority via LCD setting
• Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
• Auto restart while AC is recovering
• Overload and short circuit protection
• Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
• Cold start function
• Optional remote panel available





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Weight 255 kg