Hybrid 70kWh Per Day – 42kWh Storage

Hybrid 70kWh Per Day – 42kWh Storage


This System is designed to supply 70 kwh of energy with stored power of 37.8 kwh for night use in lithium batteries. This is a turnkey system. Comes fully installed with all SANS 10142-1 and Sapvia regulations with a powerful 20kw Inverter system that can be switched for 3 phase

It comes fully installed with Additional DC and AC DB Boxes with all required Protection and Surge protection devices on both AC and DC Side. Manuals and COC Certificate. All Installations are done to SANS and SAPVIA regulations.

See Full Details Here : https://solarbackup.co.za/product/30kw-3phase-off-grid-system/


Warranty Information

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