Powerlynk X – Loadshedding System


Step into the Future with Sunsynk Powerlynk X

Introducing the powerhouse of backup solutions – Sunsynk Powerlynk X, ingeniously crafted for anyone and everyone who values uninterrupted power.

Unmatched Integration and Ease

  • 3.6kw Inverter: Powers a vast array of home appliances with ease.
  • 3.84kwh Battery: Stores enough energy to see you through any power outage.
  • 4.5kw Mppt: Ensures you make the most out of your solar input.
  • Built-in Isolators: Safety and efficiency in one neat package.
  • Fully Parallelable: Connect multiple units for power that grows with your needs.

Absolute Control with Sunsynk Connect

Take charge with our dedicated platform:

  • Full System Control: Adjust settings and preferences to fit your lifestyle.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Keep an eye on your system from anywhere.
  • Easy Customisation: Site-specific tweaks made simple for optimal performance.

Convenience Meets Cutting-Edge

The Powerlynk is prepped to integrate effortlessly into your home:

  • Plug and Play: No complicated setup; just connect and you’re good to go.
  • Pre-set Settings: Optimized for immediate use, with no need for immediate adjustments.
  • Safety Assured: Fully installed with SABS approved switch gear and a COC for peace of mind.

Transform how you experience energy in your home with the Sunsynk Powerlynk X – where sophisticated technology meets user-friendly design. Say goodbye to power interruptions and hello to a life of energy autonomy.

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Sunsynk Mobile Powerlynk X

Simple, but elegant.

Introducing the Powerlynk X & Powerlynk S by Sunsynk Mobile. Masterfully crafted to simplify and speed up installation, allowing for more efficient planning and implementation of large volume roll outs in new house builds or retrofits.

Our dedicated Sunsynk Connect platform enables full control, visibility, and access to the system, making site-specific customisation easy.

The Powerlynk comes complete with everything you need to install this cutting-edge storage solution. In-built connection points give access to the Load, Grid, CT, and Wi-Fi data logger ports, making it a true “plug and play” system.

From the pre-set factory settings to the in-built connection ports, the Powerlynk has been designed with convenience and hassle-free installation in mind.

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DB Board AC40

  • 2 x 40A Breakers 2P – SABS Approved
  • 1 x 63A Earth Leakage 2P – SABS Approved
  • 1 x 63A Change Over 2P – SABS Approved
  • 1 x AC Surge Arrestor 2P – SABS Approved
  • 1 x 18 Way DB Box Surface Mount
  • 1 x MOD Indicator light

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Certificate Of Compliance

When any work is done that changes the Ac cabling a COC is issued and when there are panels involved a DC annexure is issued that supplements the COC

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Labour per hour × 5

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Warranty Information

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