What will a Solar System Cost me? – Ballpark Figure

Posted by: admin Category: Articles Post Date: September 13, 2018

What will a Solar System Cost me? – Ballpark Figure

Can’t you just give me a ballpark figure? What is solar energy going to cost me?

You can work on about R21 – R27/W (grid tie system) to R34 – R40/W (with battery backup).
To get a rough price indication, take the total kW/hrs used in a 24-hour period (found on utility bill), divide it by 6, then multiply by the Rand figure given above.
Calculation Example: Total kW/hrs in 24 hours = 30kW/hrs / 6 = 5kW (or 5000W/hrs) x R21.00 = R105 000.00 for a grid tie system installed, excluding batteries.

The Ideal is to assess your power usage and get your usage down by switching to solar geyser, gas stoves and more efficient lights, this could save you up to 70% of the cost of a solar system

If this is within your budget and you want to go further, then please contact us.


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